Unified installer for plone 6


will anything as easy to use as UnifiedInstaller be available for plone 6?

Hello Fred!

UnifiedInstaller was deprecated for Plone 6 in favour of:

But I would like to ask you what your use case for Unified Installer is:

  • Local development
  • Trying Plone
  • Deploy to staging/production server


Hello Eric

I am an old plone user since 2.1 i think ( intranet use )
I am currently trying to migrate most contents from 4.3 to 5.2
I was wondering about giving a try to upgrading the result to 6

I did like the old way unifiedinstaller works : i had not to worry, just running the script was enough to get a running instance

Maybe i m getting too old :wink:


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I suggest you take a look at cookiecutter-plone-starter.

You will need to have Docker, Node and Python in your system, but after that everything becomes easier (at least this is what we want)

That is very, very disappointing.