Unicode error in member fields : full name

I am using collecive.mass_subscription to import users to a site.

For the fullname field (only), I get Unicode error (with norwegian characters).
The full name field is of type: ProtectedTextLine.
Is there a word-around for this ?


hrrm, looking at the code it seems a classic problem with csv, you are getting ascii data by default. I'd say that using something along the lines of

mydata = unicode(get_my_data_from_csv(), 'utf-8')

could get your farther.

I only got the errors with the 'ProtectedTextLine' field for users (which can not be removed), the other fields were OK. Anyway: I gave up did search / replace

PS: It did not give my any Traceback, just swallowed it somewhere, probably. Maybe because there is also a wrong error in collective.mass_subscription