Unable to view in browser microsoft office files

I am a newbie to plone although I started loving it. I installed the latest version. I want to view the uploaded Excel, powepoint etc in the browser.

I have installed collective.document viewer. Now I am able to view the pdf. But when ever I click on Microsoft office documents. They get downloaded instead of getting viewed in the browser.

Sorry if this is a trivia question. I have tried for three days and writing this out of desperation.

Is Libreoffice or Openoffice installed as documented?

Yes, I have Installed. I also have a fundamental question. The files made with msoffice powerpoint are never opened exactly with either libre or open office. so will there be difference between the actual document and the viewed document even if I am somehow able to make the viewer work.

Thanks a million for your reply.

If you want to office documents look exactly the same then export them as PDF. Point.

If they should really be viewed in the browser (rather than the browser opening the "real" MS application to view them), then those files must be transformed into HTML. Formerly, a separate product (e.g. Products.AROfficeTransforms) was required to provide those transforms. Have you checked (--> "portal_transforms") that corresponding transforms are available in your portal?

The free "office" alternatives to "MS Office" try to emulate the latter - but are not 100 % successful. You must be prepared to see more or less significant differences. Those differences will also show up in HTML obtained via transforms involving an alternative.