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Hii all,
I am Vineeth and using plone version 5.2.7. Our website has got 20GB large. We got an issue while uploading files directly through linking. The files are unable to upload and getting struck. If we upload directly by add tab (Add a file). The files are getting uploaded. But unable to get linked internally. Can anyone please help with this issue.

I assume that "getting struck" means "does not terminate/hangs". In this case, knowing where the request "hangs" can be important information.

A client is using the "request monitor" from haufe.requestmonitoring to supervise all long running requests: it periodically polls for requests which run particularly long and logs their call stack. This gives a good overview of what those requests are doing.

An alternative is py_spy: It allows to inspect a Python process from the outside -- again to find out what its threads are doing. py_spy is a general purpose Python tool without knowledge about Zope/Plone: you will see threads not handling requests.

Please check that you have no javascript errors.

Also: Make sure you upload to a folder where you are allowed to upload to (you might not be allowed to upload files to 'News folder'.

What account you logged in as?
There may be problem uploading with admin (non Plone user). Try another normal Plone user account.

No, it's a normal folder

I have logged in with admin account

Actually , I am able to upload files in a folder via Add New --> File (option). But cannot upload any files via Insert link in a page. Insert Link is getting struck/hangs. Unable to attach any files internally or externally in CMS. I am hard coding everything by adding files, taking their urls and giving href through Tools --> Source Code. It's a hectic job and my users are unable to upload because, permissions are given only to edit specific pages but not the folder itself.

It seems logical to me that TinyMCE would not let you upload an image to the folder containing your document when the user does not have the permission to do so. In other words: you might have inadvertently removed the permission to upload images.

Which folder (is it the same as the document is in AND/OR the 'current path' in the upload dialog?)

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