Unable to create SQLAlchemyDA

i have in buildout.cfg:
eggs =

But a I can't create a connection to DB. It fails with "Sorry, the requested resource does not exist." message. In Z2.log I see - Anonymous [31/Mar/2017:14:04:57 +0000] "POST /manage_addProduct/SQLAlchemyDA/manage_addTextIndexNG3 HTTP/1.1" 404 1281 "http://localhost:8081/manage_addProduct/SQLAlchemyDA/addSAWrapperForm" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0".

I created the connection successfuly in Plone 3, but i can't in Plone 5. Why?

a TextIndexNG3 related URL called in the context of SQLAlchemyDA looks weird.
As original author of SQLAlchemyDA: no idea...this software is unmaintained..


It's quite probable that this package doesn't work with Plone 5.

This looks like a bug in "Products.SQLAlchemyDA" (it is unlikely that the product exposes a manage_addTextIndexNG3). Maybe, you got a different version in your Plone 3 environment -- one that did not yet have the bug.

I recommend that you check which versions of "Products.SQLAlchemyDA" are included in your Plone 3 and Plone 5 environsments, respectively. If they are different, use so called "version pinnung" to force the use of the same version.

Are there any working DA to use with postgres except SQLAlchemy?

I have no idea why you don't want to use SQLAlchemy. It is a first class package if it comes to interaction with SQL databases. You can do there classical SQL queries as well as ORM.

It has also a superior Zope/Plone intergation with zope.sqlalchemy (zope transaction aware) and to simplifies the usage in Plone there is collectiuve.saconnect. If you look for an example how this might be used, I would have a look at pas.plugins.sqlalchemy.

A client is using a slightly modified version of "psycopg2da".

The initial modification has been performed by a colleague. In a comment, he reports: "in principle part of psycopg2-2.3.2; but the psycopg2 egg lacks the psycopg2da part". Apparently, he has repackaged the psycopg2da part to make it separately installable via buildout. It should not be difficult for you, to do a similar repackaging.

Later, I added support for subtransactions (which hopefully you will not need).

The client's version is not open source.

In dm.zope.reseller (--> PyPI), I am building a psycopg2 based database adapter directly on top of zope.zrdb (--> dm.zope.reseller.pg). It is not a complete DA (it lacks the registration, allowing to create DAs via the ZMI) but it shows that creating a DA on to of a database access module (such as psycopg2) is not difficult.

SQLAlchemyDA still has its usecases when you have to deal with ZSQL methods.


Ok. I usually avoid dealing with those. I am warned now.

I fixed the problem in the repository:

But I won't do a release.