Unable to access user tab after logging in

Hii all,
I am using plone 5.2.7 with python 2.7. I am logging in successfully, but cant access the user tool bar on left side.

Even the cookie with name _ac is also not generated

But I am logging in perfectly and it even displays the message that you have logged in. This issue is persistent only with user, but with admin credentials I am able to login perfectly. Can somebody please give solutions to solve this issue

When I logged in thorugh admin credentials everything is perfect but when I logged in through user credentials I am unable to get left side bar and session value. Please got through above three pictures and give a solution

The plugin you use to authenticate the users is not configured properly? Admin uses acl_users/source_users.

Thanks a lot for reply. I prevented cookies access over http previously, now after removing that, I am able to access over users login