UK Meetup Friday 5th Dec CANCELLED

Hi all,

We have an offer from Birkbeck University in London to host a meetup on Friday 5th Dec, frmo 2pm to 5pm with an optional meal out after.

This meetup would focus on feeding back on what you've learnt and/or started to implement from(or since) the Plone Conference. It will be low key & I would hope that everyone would be contributing something to the friendly discussion.
We would have a projector available for people with something to present/demo from their PC.

I will only push ahead with this if we have reasonable numbers who are committed (or 90% committed) to come. For me 10 people would be enough to say let's go for it, so all you need to do is give me an honest response in the next 7 days (earlier the better).


Ps There is also going to be a Meetup at the end of January (see the next post) - which will be "bigger and better" - if 2 meetings in 7 weeks is too much, and you can make either, then I would say come to the one in January.

+1 I'll be there :smile:

Yes, I can come.

Very sorry can't make that day, but I will be there in January.

Hi Daniel,

I should be around. Count me in. Also, let me know if you need extra hand on that day.


Thanks all, I'd like to have 2 more (mostly) committed before setting this event in stone. Any more takers?
I'll make the call tomorrow at 3pm.

Do spread the word ....

I'm afraid I can't make it in December, but I'll try to make room for the one in January.

Ok, I've cancelled this Meetup as numbers were a bit lower than I hoped for, but I'm glad to say the January is alive & kicking :slight_smile:

Thanks Riz (and everyone else replying),

I make it about 7 attending so far, is there anyone else who is thinking of coming?


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