UK Meetup 29th Jan 2015 in London

To follow up my earlier post, we now have a room provisionally booked for a Meetup in London, on 29th Jan at Birkbeck University - again in the afternoon, time to be confirmed.

This would take the form of 3 or 4 half hour presentations, lightning talks, and an open space or 2. We should also have some good food & drinks provided at some point :slight_smile: but there may also be an outing afterwards.

I really hope a lot of folk can make it. Please let me know (by Monday) if this date is especially difficult for you, if that's the case for a lot of people, then we can move it, but I will need to know by Monday next week.
1 talk slot is already booked! So let me know if you want to speak too, and I will book you in before they all go!
Just respond to say you're coming - the more info I get early on. the less hassle it is to arrange it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see you guys either then or at the earlier meeting in December.


I'll be there! But I won't make the december meetup I'm afraid.

Great count me in :smiley: Probably no talk unless really pushed to do one :wink:

I think so - I might be able to give a talk depending if we have made any progress by then.

Noted in my diary. Can't make a promise yet but I'll try very hard to be there!

Thanks all, looking forwad to see everyone - this is looking good, and healthy numbers.
But do spread the word... we can fit more in.

I have 1.5 volunteers for presentations - anyone else feeling inspired yet?

Right ho.... I don't know if anyone is listening here that I haven't emailed about this - but we need to know numbers for food by end of Monday 19th Jan please.


I appreciate you making the effort! Hope we get to see you then.