UI Bug? Folder Content listing view shows edit button when user does not have privs to edit

Not sure if this is a bug, but it has bitten my users!

I have a site (lettering.com) set up with an "intranet multi-step workflow" so that logged in members can publish internally (visible to other users but not to the public). A site admin or reviewer can then upgrade the state of content objects to "externally published".
All good. However when a logged in member goes back to their folder to edit content, although there's no edit button in the tool bar, the row by row content listing still has visible edit button and user action drop-down (cut, copy, paste, etc)
When the user clicks this, they are confronted with an insufficient privileges error – No Soup for You!

To resolve this, of course, they have to "retract" the containing folder, make the edits and then resubmit for publication.
Not a problem there, but I don't think the edit icon should show up if it's merely going to throw an error!

In a related concern, how can I make a logged in member able to edit their own content even after it's published?
I don't want to give them site-wide admin privs of course, but not quite sure how to set up such a think for new members as they sign-up, or retroactively apply to existing.
I have a group called "designers" the members of which should have this privilege, but not sure where or what to assign...
Thanks for tips!

That's because the internally published state must not have given Modify portal content permission to Owner role

That would be an issue in https://github.com/plone/plone.app.content package but you should file an issue in the main repo https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone

You have to modify the workflow state permission.

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Thanks, Kim, I'll have to get back to this when I am home (currently in Berkeley through next week)...
In the interim, I've run into a hurdle trying to run buildout "wheels not supported"...
Can't seen to figure it out. I'll post a new question.