Two plone installations and two problems!

Hi friends,

I have two plone installations in different physical machines. In the first one i have some sites of different departments (i use a feature multisite). So, i need to migrate a specific site of the first installation (first machine) to second installation (second machine). Is there any way to make this migration without to copy the entire blobstorage/Data.fs. I need to copy this specific department site...

thanks for any help


Hi Fred – do both installations use the exact same buildout (ie. version pins for every package)? If so, you could try a ZEXP export/import.

If not, it is more work.

Yes. I use the same buildout. But, ZEXP export images, pdfs and others too?



It does but importing a huge ZEXP might cause memory errors...the ZEXP import is not very smart with larger data

I think it should copy everything, yes. I have used that method successfully between identical buildouts.

To avoid memory issues, do not check the box for downloading the ZEXP file in your browser. Instead, have it saved to the server, and copy the file from there.

excelent idea. I will try it

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