Two broken topics

I can't load the "Add-on development" and "Developing Websites" category posts:

Just a blank page, no errors.
I don't see this problem anywhere else.

I closed off the developing with plone topic when I thought maybe I had
gone to far in creating topics, it should be open again now.

I tried to load those two topics because they were listed on the page. If you closed one of them off, shouldn't it have disappeared from everywhere else, too?

They're both working now.

It probably should. But this is ruby, not Zope/Plone, so we can't expect the same level of access control :wink:

Also, those categories where not closed, their parent category was, so that might have caused it.

Le 03/03/2014 21:42, fulv a écrit :

2nd try (via thunderbird)
Why the links in the forum are tracked by mandrillapp ?