Tweaking docs for coredev buildout [DONE]

There are a couple of issues I see with this documentation link which was tweeted by Six Feet Up:

How is this documentation hosted and who controls its hosting and updating? I assume it comes from or

changing it on github (via pull request, please) should trigger an auto-build, would be my guess.

1 Like has a broken link at top right corner: "Edit on GitHub"... I'm wondering where that is fixable.

I've got this work in progress pull request:

The link here is broken in the header:

and the copyright year should probably be updated in the footer:

Options which are fine:

  1. Perpetually listing only the original publication year
  2. Individually listing all years with published changes
  3. Listing a range of years and updating the upper range (preferably automated so this stays fixed)

Thx for the advice. @jensens has kindly merged the pull request. Next time I touch that I will see if it can be automated. Though I wonder how to define the original publication year... (the first year this repo existed? rather than Plone documentation generically)