TTW Copy theme and Inspect theme not available in Plone 6

In Plone 6.the buttons Copy and Inspect theme are not available. Those buttons where in Plone 5 available.

Is this functionality Plone 6 not available or are the buttuns simply not available?

See the following screenshots from and
2022-10-14 – Mozilla Firefox
2022-10-14 – Mozilla Firefox

TTW theming was removed in Plone 6, and with that the ability to inspect. For a discussion, see: Giving up TTW Theming in Plone 6 Classic-UI

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@mtrebron is right, we removed the editor. If you need to add or change a theme TTW without having a real Python package, you can still do that. Download the theme, do your changes and upload it again.

@mtrebron & @MrTango: Thanks!

Don't know how it could be 'technically done', but having a child theme (similar to Wordpress etc) would be nice (in other words, a theme where you just put the files you want to override). For example the favicon, a CSS file or similar.

it's actually not that hard.
i did something like that for a University.
we have base theme and extending it.
most of the time only by SCSS/CSS but for some sites also the HTML template and/or Diazo rules. if you include images/icons relative, you would have to define theme in every sub-theme. by default you would use an absolute path like ++theme++mybase/...
So to override you have to place the files and change from absolute to relative path.

I make my own themes, so I don't need it, but for many (?) I assume a plonecli 'make child theme' would be nice. It would probably have to copy all the images to the theme, but the CSS (and javascript) could (maybe) be generated from GitHub. (that is how I do it)

maybe doable in a project if there is funding.
It could be done similar to how we use the barceloneta resources now via npm.
In my example we where having one theme as you can create it with plonecli and then we created some sub themes next to it. The code is really not much, it basically reuses the rules and theme file from the main theme and provides a scss file which can be customized. If one need a bit more customization for a sub theme, they can also use there own index.html or Diazo rules.
But we managed most of the time just by using SCSS/CSS + logo + favicon.
In some cases we even used the analytics javascript slot, to add image maps for the header :wink: