Trigger a content rule 'programically'

Is it possible to trigger a content rule programically?

Lets say you have a content rule that sends an email when content is added.

Under certain circumstances you want (later) to run a script that triggers this rule and sends the email again. I dont want to change 'content history' (modification dates or similar if I can avoid it)

It looks like it is possible to find the rules like this, not sure if it is the best way:

    from plone.contentrules.engine.interfaces import IRuleStorage
    from zope.component import queryUtility

    storage = queryUtility(IRuleStorage)
    for name, rule in sorted(storage.items()):


I dont think has 'get_rules' and I could not find it anywhere else. Probably I dont need to get all, but I assume I need a way to get the id of the one I want to execute.