shuts down Dec 31st

While most Plone repositories use Jenkins, there are quite some repositories out there which use Travis: shuts down at the end of the year, and all repos have to be migrated to

For Zope the migration already happened, also see

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I've migrated all the Pylons Project repositories over. We were waiting hours for a job to start on Now we have up to 10 concurrent tasks running, with almost no delay in the queue. I highly recommend that this be done for Plone sooner than later. It was painless to migrate.

I just stumbled over this problem with the new TravisCI:
Any idea how this will effect us?

See and check out your org's Insights.

Unfortunately it counts builds, not the jobs that make up the build.

For comparison, here's Pylons Project.

We're OK, but Plone would easily consume all its allocated minutes in a few days. Forget about the sprints and everything leading up to PloneConf.

We've been migrating active projects to use GitHub Actions.

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Pyramid migrated to GitHub Actions in May 2020. Following its shining example, I am nearly done with migrating Deform to use GitHub Actions. The only difference is that I did not switch yet from nosetests to pytest, but that is next. Nonetheless all jobs pass.

I highly recommend GHA. It's screaming fast with all jobs running concurrently across multiple OSes. For example 25 jobs completed across 6 Pythons, 3 OSes, and 2 architectures, plus lint, docs, and coverage, completed in 2 minutes, 18 seconds.

The only shortcoming I found is GHA's lack of a good indicator for Travis's allow-failure. See

To learn how to get started with migrating your Travis-CI to GHA, see this excellent guide.

As someone who barely understands this CI stuff, I picked it up in about 3 hours of fiddling around and reading the docs.


Bump - 24 days left for the migration.

Is anyone already asking Travis for extra OSS credits for the collective and plone organisations?

For the zopefoundation, Jens Vagelpohl started the process on 5 November, but looks like they had no definitive answer from Travis yet.

Meanwhile for both the collective and plone organisations, no jobs can be run on the new currently, because the 10,000 free credits have been spent already:

Builds have been temporarily disabled for private and public repositories due to a negative credit balance. Please go to the Plan page to replenish your credit balance.

That is after only a few days in January, and with most jobs still running on the old .org.

For collective, it says:

-10 available credits (purchase date: January 08, 2021)
You have used 10010 of 10000 credits

The mentioned purchase date is today, and it does not look like any jobs have run today, so that may be an error.

I have yet to hear any successful request from any open source developer which asked for more free credits for the projects.

@ericof @polyester may need to weigh in. Is the cost the issue? Can we start a mass migration project to GHA?