Transmogrifier and tiles

I'm trying to understand what's happening in the migration package I created using mr.bob.
It's using collective.transmogrifier and a few other related packages.
I exported my Plone5.2 site with jsonify; all the content is formatted using Mosaic (and tiles).
When I import it back, I get this error:
Module plone.behavior.factory, line 17, in call
Module plone.dexterity.behavior, line 20, in supports
AttributeError: module 'plone.tiles' has no attribute '_implied'

Any idea what could be wrong, and if it can be fixed?

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think any ETL (extract, transform, load) migrators in the Plone ecosystem currently support Migrating mosaic or other composited page solutions.

I have had quite a few conversations and listened to talks about Plone migrations where the migration of for example collective.cover to Mosaic is considered to complex, better to rebuild them manually.

The provided in-place migration in core Plone for content type is moving from the Archetypes content type system to Dexterity, which most of the time happens when a site is upgraded from Plone 4.3 to Plone 5.X

What is the use case that you need to export and import a site from Plone 5.2 to Plone 5.2 using transmogrifier ?

I want to understand how to use transmogrifier, and the easiest case is to transmogrify content from and to the same Plone infrastructure. Also because a colleague is working on a mono-lingual site that I'll have to re-import it in a multi-lingual site. Also to make backups... Later I'll have to migrate an older web site. Transmogrifying seems important to learn and master.
I found the problem; objects must be imported in a specific order, not in the order of the export; the order that works for my use case is collections, folders, then content objects. It's a matter of dependencies. I'm writing a little python script to reorganize the order of exported json files, using symbolic links.

Ok and have you seen that the mosaic tile data and annotations are also transferred?

Oh wait, default Mosaic uses transient tiles, so the data is stored in the content layout maybe and transferred.

Re-ordering the json files worked (except for one content type), but no Mosaic formatting at all. There's a customContentLayout field in the json data, so I guess a transmogrifying rule/blueprint is missing. I'm new to all of this...

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