Transactions between robot tests, how and where to document?

I was creating a whole structure of robot tests where each test was expecting a change in a from the last test case (there's a specific client requirement for this). Since using transaction.commit() in the code wasn't working, after lots of reading, googling (thanks @datakurre for, prints and a better understanding of how robot tests works in plone (using the template in, it's simply not possible since setUp and tearDown are called for each test case in the Acceptance layer.

I don't think I will be the only one having this kind of confusion, so I would like to document it somewhere and I'm asking for some guidance here.

Should this be documented in (we can't there unfortunately since we can't yet sign Contributor's Agreement)? Plone docs? In Plone training, in, we have But this also means you cannot commit a transaction.. Something similar to should be added as well? What do you think @pbauer?

What gives you this message?

You can still contribute to the documentation (or training materials) without having signed the contributor agreement.

We've already contributed to the docs, what we're looking for is the best place to put this information.

Can we contribute to docs (README) even without the contributor's agreement? I thought this was only about

@idgserpro The fact that the docs for are part of their own repo is a historical artefact. In spirit, they are part of the plonedocs.

So, I would just create a pull request; you are in the "people that have given explicit permission to have your doc contributions published under Creative Commons, without contributor agreement" group so it can be merged.

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