Trains or Planes to PloneConf?

I am looking into travel options from the US to Namur. Two options include flying into either Paris or Amsterdam, then riding the train into Brussels.

Are there any issues with riding the train across their countries' borders, including COVID restrictions?

Right now, there are almost no Covid restrictions in place. Some countries (like DE) require a mask on the flight when DE is your destination country, others do not. Nobody knows how the situation will be in November. Masks restrictions might be in place depending situation and country. I would not expect any issues with traveling between EU countries. Using trains within the EU also is not a just need a train ticket (some trains require a reservation (e.g. TGV). Perhaps there are flights to Brussels? General recommendation if you are travelling from a country outside the EU into the EU: don't travel through UK/London.


Thanks. I found a flight from Seattle to Amsterdam, then riding the train to Brussels, which is faster, cheaper, and burns less fuel than flying into Brussels.