Tool choice for Document and Content Management


I'm a complete dummy on Plone and my question will fully demonstrate it!

I'm looking for a tool that is mixing the Content Management and the document management, as basically I would like to create an intranet that will contains all the relevant documents needed for showing our processes but also explaining them with smart links, and at the same moment allow to work directly on the documents through the same interface.

So the requirements of my request are:
Document Management

  • Direct integration with office tools (MSOffice but also LibreOffice would be appreciable).
  • An integration (like a cloud) with windows would be a nice
  • A versionning (with Major/Minor/Patch numbering) keeping all versions accessible
  • Customizable validation process
  • Digital signature for the validation with regular reminders

Content Management

  • Easy editing with layout including (plus the basics)
    • multi-area clickable pictures (this is mainly when describing a flow (flowchart or swimlane) - we are using a V model for the project management, I would like by clicking on the "phase box" to open directly the page describing the wanted phase)
    • to have mutli column or simple columns on the same page.
    • to have for a multi-column a continous flow in between the columns (nice to have)

In addition to those items I would need a fix URL for each item (whatever it is a page or a document) to allow to link those elements from an external tool (or even within a document)

So in short I'm looking for an hybrid tool that mix the power of Wordpress and the flow management of Alfresco (to name only those one).

I've been told that Plone is able to manage most of those features, but I was not able (with my too few trials) to succeed on having them.

So my questions are :

  • Is Plone the right tool? - which I hope
  • what are the plug-ins needed to achieve it?

Thank you for your help

General recommendation: Plone would be the wrong tool
Everything is doable with a lot of effort, adjust add-ons etc....there are likely better solutions for your purpose.

Thank you very much for your honest answer.

Kind regards

Andreas is just one and often negative opinion.

I'd say plone is a.good base for what you are wanting. Esp with plone 6 for the volto layout.

But there are things missing in plone on your requirements list and other things that are vague (like custom validation process).
So you are unlikely to get an out of the box solution.
In particular office intergraion was something that was only just possible in some sense via WebDAV but Im not sure that is still supported.
The version numbering scheme is another thing that would be custom.

But we have certainly created good document / CMS style solutions for clients with plone.

Not negative, just realistic regarding requirements, integrations and state-of-the-start technology.

Thank you Dylan for your comment.

I'm anyway looking for a solution that would be easy to set-up as we are not professionnal in that field, and unfortunately none of us is able to tune a tool like Plone. :cry:

Just curious: what could be an optimistic answer if the OP were a customer asking for an approximate plan (in terms of days/weeks) to customize and roll-out his requirements?

weeks? Think in months. There would be a lot of development needed by professional developers.
As said: there are likely better and professional solution for your purpose on the market.