TitanPad is shutting down

[An email I received two days ago, in case you've created or know of TitanPads containing information you'd like to preserve. e.g. I exported the HTML and PDF versions of the Boston conference sprint TitanPad and saved them in the 2016.ploneconf.org/sprints folder. Reply here if you are looking for suggestions on where to preserve your TitanPads. -- Kim]

TitanPad.com will be shut down in the coming year. The timeline is as follows:

  • 1st May 2017: All pads will be made read-only, no new pads can be created.
  • 31st Dec 2017: Titanpad.com will shut down.

You can read more about the decision on http://blog.titanpad.com/2016/11/shutting-down-titanpad_12.html

I just got an notice from Titanpad, reminding me of that.

We should move all relevant Plone related information over to .... our discourse site?
We need a plan how to do this.

The PLOG Javascript pad should be turned into a PLIP anyway.

I've already exported a copy of the PLOG TitanPad.

We could:

  • search plone.org for any URLs containing titanpad.com
  • export any found pads to PDF
  • create a folder in plone.org to contain these PDFs
  • upload the PDFs to that folder
  • update the links in plone.org to point to the uploaded PDFs

Anyone want to help do that? If so I can create the plone.org folder.