Tip: Hyphen titles (and menus)

I am sharing a video 'how to hyphen titles', so I post it here, too, in case it is of any interest:

PS: I copy/paste the text into the title field


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There's also zopyx.plone.hyphenator · PyPI you may wanna try :wink:

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It is very seldom that I need to do this, so it is OK to be able to do it without an add-on. Also, the same trick works 'elsewhere'. In fact, I 'discovered' it working on a wordpress site where one title had a very long 'technical term' in the title.

By the way: the automatic hyphenation for norwegian (language) is just getting worse and worse in all apps. More and more words are hyphenated 'as they were english', for example: words ending on ning or ding that used to (correctly) hypenate before the n or d is now hyphenating before the i.