TInyMCE + relatedItems: pattern mode, browse vs. search?

Folks, I'm under the distinct impression that

    "relatedItems": {
        "mode": "browse"

is preferable user experience for the related items widget versus search mode, when browsing for a link or image within TinyMCE on a Plone 5.x site.

plone.app.widgets 1.x does this for Plone 4.x sites, and it seems more intuitive, especially for any sites with sizable content hierarchies.

Agree / disagree? Should this be customizable**? Other thoughts?

**As it stands now, I am going to monkey patch PloneSettingsAdapter.tinymce() -- as this is the only present vehicle for customization here. :-/


We do the same :frowning: We also need to override RelatedItems widget, to manage some other pattern features there...

But related the the original issue: there's a new "auto" mode in the latest mockup by @thet https://github.com/plone/mockup/commit/a78806392b5179e97c2571182af3517844e3fd99

The new "auto" mode should be the default for anything, also in TinyMCE.
I'm going to work on the relateditems default pattern settings (setting the start path to the current context by default, as this was the default in Plone 4.x too). It's probably a good idea to align the related items widget settings for TinyMCE with the generic settings in plone.app.widgets.

Besides: I'm not very happy with the TinyMCE settings adapter too and the need for plone.app.widgets in general. Probably should be simplified at some point.

@datakurre @seanupton - these commits should fix it:

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