TinyMCE links to raw image content not /view

If I use TinyMCE's link tool to link to a image content-type, it links directly to the raw image and not to the content view. That is it links to /path/image.jpg and not /path/image.jpg/view

Is there a way to change this behavior?

Which button are you using for such editing? I will use "Insert/edit image" button (not "Insert/edit link") and it seems always working.

I am wanting to link to the /view of an image.

I am not trying to place an image for display in a rich text area.

I have not tried this yet in Plone 5, but I would think it would be nice if the link browser in the TinyMCE pattern (the related items widget/pattern) consulted the site's typesUseViewInActionsListing property?

I would suggest creating an issue on github for Products.CMFPlone.