TinyMCE Inner Circle Meeting Report

Hi all,

It was nice to be a part of the meeting and it's great to see TinyMCE doing community outreach. It seems they want to have a more active open source community. The immediate and long term future looks good and it seems like they have good goals in mind for the product. The only potential problem I saw was the delineation between moxie's commercials offerings and open source variant. They did however, express interest in dual licensing some of their commercial products so open source projects could use them which would be great.

I took some notes during the meeting yesterday which I'll paste down below.

  • inner circle is

    • provide members a way to be more involved
    • provide voice to influence direction of tinymce
    • heavy users of tinymce included were
      • apple
      • blackboard
      • SAP
  • 3/4 times a year

  • ephox(textbox.io) and moxiecode merged

  • 4.2

    • skin and image tools
    • image tools plugin
    • inline toolbars(mosaic)
    • there is an upload api(docs)
  • 4.3

    • enabled support for contentEditable = false
      • providing a consistent behavior for having mixed editable and non-editable content
      • enables better features
    • api improvements
      • notification api
      • improved dirty state api
      • api to switch between design and read-only mode
    • media embedding can now be "live" with contentEditable = false support(youtube videos)
    • image captions editable
    • improved table UI
      • drag resizing rows and columns
      • new inline table contextual toolbar
    • sample code snippets plugin
      • treated as single block
  • enterprise

    • enhanced MS copy/paste with images
    • spell checking 'as you type'
    • advanced file and media management
    • more bug fix support
  • future

    • continued investment in the open source project
      • evolution of core tinymce editor
      • integrated sdk/cloud cdn delivery
      • improve community involvement
    • fee based professional & entreprise offerings
    • leverage tech from tinymce & textbox.io to create next gen editor
      • textbox.io was built by ephox(who moxie merged with)
      • textbox.io is not open source
      • (markdown support)
  • community edition(future)

    • responsive user interface
    • mobile device suport
    • remove of dependency on contentEditable
      • many things are already overridden
    • complex dialogs
      • completely separate, slimmed down mobile dialog versions
    • mobile device support with hybrid non-traditional in-browser rich text editing to get around constraints
    • tools to simplify plugin creation
      • better sdk
    • improved language packaging
  • professional/enterprise

    • collaboration
      • commenting
      • track changes
    • enhanced media embedding options
    • accessibility
      • of editor
      • tools for creating and validating more accessible content
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Thanks for attending Nathan, and writing this up!

(CEO @ Ephox - company behind TinyMCE.)

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