TinyMCE in Plone 6

We are in the process of migrating about 500 websites made on a plone 4.2 platform to another in plone 6.0.2. We want to focus on improving the experience with the user edition and we have the following doubts regarding the tinyMCE that is already integrated in the core of Plone 6.0.2:

  • Why are unnecessary tags added, such as the tag, when adding a

    paragraph. We have seen that TinyMCE does not, but Plone does?

  • How to translate the literals of the new styles titles that we added in the configuration of tinymce @@tinymce-controlpanel. In Plone 4 you could create a file plone.tinymce.po with the translations, but this doesn't work anymore

  • We have seen that there is a paid version of TinyMCE that incorporates features and plugins that interest us a lot, related to accessibility among others, but we do not know if we could include this version instead of or in addition to the core one and also add payment extensions like

  • We also wonder if we could keep the plonelink and ploneimage plugins? We have seen that the plonelink and ploneimage are currently integrated and configured in the context menu, but right-clicking does not show their icons to use these features. /Products/CMFPlone/patterns/tinymce.py

Thank you!

I don't know anything about the TinyMCE issues. However please see the Plone Upgrade Guide. Perhaps there is something in there?

We will do it. Thank you!

@janet.dura there is yet no upgrade guide for TinyMCE for Plone 6. But I‌ started one:

Regarding your questions:

  <records interface="Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.controlpanel.ITinyMCESchema"
    <value key="custom_plugins" purge="False">

@thet, thanks for the answer and for the work you do! for us, the tiny editor is a very important piece for the success of the project.

Regarding the questions:

We have been trying to set up the translations for custom Styling Options of TinyMCE. We were told to override plone.app.locales/plone.po, but that only works for standard options that are already there by default. We can't get to translate custom styling options, it does simply nothing when trying to insert those translations in plone.po

  • For the custom plugins, are they TinyMCE 5 or 6 plugins? In Plone 6.0 we ship TinyMCE 5 but there are discussions to update to TinyMCE 6 for future Plone versions.
    However, you should be able to provide custom plugins. Make them available via a browser resource directory and add those plugins to the TinyMCE configuration. Here is an example registry.xml snippet:


  • <records interface="Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.controlpanel.ITinyMCESchema"*
  •       prefix="plone">*
  • *
  •  <element>exampleplugin|++plone++my.site/example-plugin/plugin.js</element>*
  • *
  • *
    OK, We have been trying to get 'Plonelink' and 'Ploneimage' plugins from TinyMCE to work in Plone 6. Checking the tinymce.py from Products.CMFPlone, both plugins are indeed in the 'plugins' section of tiny_config, however they don't seem to work properly in Plone 6, as the options that used to provide these plugins aren't visible. Are them available in Plone 6? If not, do you have any plan to make them available again?

And finally, regarding the Paid TinyMCE Subscriptions

There are a few Premium Plugins from TinyMCE we are interested in, and we were wondering if there is a way to link a Premium Tiny Account (needed to use those premium plugins) in Plone 6, so we can make use of them.

I'd suggest to check whether some of those websites are using mime-types other than html.

There is a bug in plone.restapi affecting all mime-types other than html (text/x-web-markdown, text/x-web-textile, text/x-rst, etc.).

Since Volto communicates via plone.restapi it is also affected by this bug.