TinyMCE breaks on Downgrade

We have one Plone site (4.3.x) using TinyMCE version 1.4.3, but we found that we should have the version 1.3.18 instead for this Plone version.

So I:

  • Uninstalled the TinyMCE package ( manage / portal_setup / import / Remove TinyMCE profile ).
  • Pin buildout version to 1.3.18 and run buildout.
  • Reinstalled TinyMCE package ( same procediment, but select TinyMCE install profile).

After that I notice that:

  • For default Plone content types it worked fine.
  • For the new dexterity content types defined in this Plone Site it didn't work. It load just a textarea with html into it instead of load TinyMCE.

Can someone help to understand what happen here? And how to fix my Plone Site?

Thank you

added this S.O. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36365383/plone-tinymce-breaks-on-downgrade

thanks to @djowett who nail it and helped us solving this issue: the uninstall profile is bugged:


to fix the issue, do the following on a debug instance:

>>>  memberdata_tool = api.portal.get_tool('portal_memberdata')
>>> memberdata_tool.wysiwyg_editor
>>> memberdata_tool.wysiwyg_editor = ''
>>> import transaction
>>> transaction.commit()
>>> app._p_jar.sync()