TinyMCE "add link" opens in new browser window instead of TinyMCE's own popup overlay


I have the following problem with TinyMCE in a Plone instance.

When TinyMCE is being used, all actions that need a popup (insert link, insert image etc.) are now opening in a separate browser window, instead of in TinyMCE's own popup overlay.

This breaks TinyMCE functionality, because jquery cannot be found:

Uncaught TypeError: jq is not a function
at BrowserDialog.init (plonebrowser.js:66)

My user says this problem started after enabling 'undo/redo' in the TinyMCE configuration. However, I cannot reproduce this. Disabling 'undo/redo' did not help.

Plone version: 4.3.7
Products.TinyMCE: 1.3.14

To answer my own question. It seems that my user broke the portal.

Luckily, portal_tinymce has an "undo" option. After undo-ing the changes, everthing was back to normal.

When i compare the settings (in the data-mce-config attribute in a tinymce page) it seems that in the broken version a lot of plugins are missing. It seems that my user removed all the tinymce plugins, resulting in a broken editor.

Actually, it is bit strange that these plugins can be removed, because they are essential for a correctly working TinyMCE.

Just for the record:

It seems that removal of the plugins from the tinyMCE config. was done inadvertently, because of a bug in Products.TinyMCE when using Internet Explorer 11. I added an issue for it: https://github.com/plone/Products.TinyMCE/issues/159

Hello @jjmurre / Jan,

I've seen this before, it could be this problem with IE11 and the order/selectwidget of z3c.form used for the plugins on the TinyMCE controlpanel. This is the only place in 'core' Plone 4 where the widget is used. Later Plone minor updates should have fixed this with a newer pin for z3c.form. Found it, 3.2.9 contains the fix:

Change javascript for updating ordered select widget hidden structure so it works again on IE11 and doesn’t send back an empty list that deletes all selections on save. Fixes https://github.com/zopefoundation/z3c.form/issues/23 [fredvd]

Hi @fredvd, Fred,

Tx. for your response! Nice that you know where the problem has it's root and that is already has been fixed!

Regards, Jan