Time to rethink the toolbar

I have collected a list of toolbar related bugs and regressions (the list is not complete):

As you can see there are many usability issues caused by the removal of the byline viewlet and the intrinsic cluttering of the toolbar.

To solve some of these issues some people want to clutter the toolbar even more, others want to remove it and others want to bring back some old functionality into the Plone UI.

I think is time to sit down, think a little bit, have a good discussion about the topic and come back with a better toolbar.

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For me the toolbar experiment failed completely.
The toolbar remains unusable and I think the toolbar can not be fixed.


Would it be better to comment on the ticket?

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the ticket is indeed the right place for further discussion.

yes, let's use the issue; I think we can also take this excellent work as an starting point for the discussion: