Thoughts on UK Meetups

Hey, what a great conference! (Tips hat to Netsight & Matt H)

If you missed it, make sure you at least scan the videos on Vimeo.

I know many of us in the UK would love to keep the momentum going. So here's some thoughts for you... let me know yours!

Generally we could try to meet every 2 months & get things in the diary nice & early. Keeping the location in London would be easier for more people & keep it predictable.

A more informal meetup last week of Nov / first week of Dec in London (or Birmingham, contrary to above) to feed back on what you've learnt and/or started to implement as a result of the Plone Conference. Kind of like an open space, but room for anything you can look at. List of "speakers" = [x for x in attendees], but don't let that put you off - it will be relaxed!

A more formal meetup in London in mid to late January. We would do 4 or 5 half hour presentations & an open space or 2 and/or lightning talks.

A weekend sprint in a "very big house in the country" (spot the reference) for upto 20 people sometime in March/April. Perhaps on a topic to be decided (perhaps the new FSD if it's not done by then?) I don't know how this works funding wise or organizationally though!

Right, brain dump over... what do you all think?


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Agreed---whilst it might be nice to move it around the country a bit, practically London is easiest for all concerned. I certainly won't be offended if nobody wants to come up to Manchester for a meetup!

Nov / Dec won't work for me, but mid-late January sounds good. A very big house in the country sprint also sounds like an excellent idea!

I'd say 4 or 5 presentation is quite something, maybe more space for lightning talks possibly one slot before and one after the open space?

The dates around late nov/early december could be tricky but the 24th--27th nov or 1st/2nd December would work for me.

I definitely think it's a good idea to get something in the diary soon for a formal meetup in January.

Had a great conference, met some inspiring people and learnt so much, thanks to everyone!

Fair point Christian....

let's say 3 or 4 presentations and definitely lightning talks as well as an Open Space. But generally speaking I'll go with whatever content people put forward!


Sorry for the late reply, but I am definitely interested! As I live in Edinburgh any more northerly locations would agree with me, but I'll also be able to make the odd trip to London. Not in December though - but I'll also leave replies on the individual meetup proposals.

Cheers, Manuel

any date chosen for the next meeting yet?
i may be in the UK at that time.

~ MagicBulk

Did you check here?.... :wink:

Birmingham would be a good compromise? Good connections to North and South? Also - I only live about 40 minutes away :wink:

Welcome Mat.

Yep, that's a cheeky suggestion, but I'm not adverse to others organizing stuff (as long as there's some consensus in the group).

In the meantime, it would be great to see you in London at the end of January. Seriously, we plumped for London because most people can:
a) Get there relatively easily (some fortunate ones can walk)
b) find/arrange something else to do/someone else to meet in London on the same day/weekend.