This site's migration to a new server

We have switched this forum to a new server. Please bear with us as we tweak settings and monitor performance. If you notice any problems, please reply to this thread


The links in the digest emails are wrong. This is possibly related to the switch. Now they are: instead of Plone 5.2rc5 soft-released

Thanks @tomgross – I will try to fix that. That is the domain name I used when I set up the new server, so that Let's Encrypt could work, and yesterday I deleted that domain name. Maybe reinstating it will be a quick short term workaround.

@tomgross I've reinstated the DNS records for, so give it a few more minutes if it isn't working for you. The configuration file for Discourse doesn't include but for some reason rebuilding the app must not be excising all mentions of it. Will keep digging.

@tkimnguyen Thanks for the workaround. now redirects to

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The Rackspace VM that hosted this forum until recently has been terminated. Bye bye! :smiley:

Out of curiosity. What are the specs of the new system?

It’s the Linode 2GB, 50 GB disk, $10/mo