Theming plone: decoupling the theme is the only way?

Hi all,
after many years of plone theming (3 & 4) it's time for me to make a plone5 theme.
There was an enormous work to "modernize" the Plone presentation layer and theming in plone5 is not exactly the same made until yesterday (also with Diazo).
I read the Doc... the right way to make very responsive (and attractive/customer needs compliant) skin to a plone site is to have the Barceloneta Theme for the "edit mode" and the custom theme for the anonymous users. Is it right?


Up to a certain degree it is possible to make the public facing site also the editing site. Now with the toolbar and the modernized markup its much easier. But this depends on the target design and might get complex. At some point too complex to make this in budget. Also a complex rules.xml slows down the transform.

Having a backend on an own domain and a public facing frontend without editing capabilities is at least the easiest way to achieve the goal of very special (responsive or not) designs.

But at least I worked also with Plone 3 and 4 this way (first using editskin-switcher, later then

@jensens Using different domains or themeswitcher is not the only options. A better option is to create a theme which inherits from barceloneta but only for backend CMS pages. see It switches automatically so is seemless to the user.

Sure! I forgot about our great backend.xml!

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Thanks all