The production way to work with custom Plone backend images

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I now have a custom docker image, I just need to know if I'm doing things properly.

I want to ensure that my.profile is activated when my image runs...
... so this is command I'm using:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e SITE="Plone" -e TYPE="classic" -e PROFILES="my.profile:default collective.easyform:default" -v $(pwd)/var/import:/app/import site

The output is telling me that this is a bad idea once I'm in production...


Creating Plone classic SITE: Plone

Aditional profiles: my.profile:default collective.easyform:default


Read about it:


The additional reading that they suggest is not helping.....
What should I do in order to have an image with the profiles I need activated?

I think the warning about using the image in production is not related to the profiles specifically, but about where the data is stored.

For a production site, you would want to run the image with environment variables to connect to a ZEO server or Relstorage.

Is that it, @ericof, or is there more to the warning than that?

So it IS safe to use profiles in this manner I'm doing now?
BTW... at minimum, I plan to use docker-compose in production, maybe something slightly fancier (we'll see).
Then add external RelStorage of course.....

I've updated the way I configure my backend image.
My Dockerfile now looks like this:

FROM plone/plone-backend:6.0.0b2

COPY src/site.content /app/src/site.content
COPY src/site.customviews /app/src/site.customviews
COPY src/site.plone /app/src/site.plone
COPY src/site.profile /app/src/site.profile
COPY src/plonetheme.fourteen /app/src/plonetheme.fourteen
COPY requirements.txt /app/requirements.txt
RUN apt-get update \
    && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends gcc \
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

RUN /app/bin/pip install -r /app/requirements.txt 

I place a requirements.txt in the same folder as the Dockerfile and the requirements.txt now does all the "heavy lifting" as it should.
It looks like this:

-e /app/src/site.content
-e /app/src/site.customviews
-e /app/src/site.plone
-e /app/src/site.profile
-e /app/src/plonetheme.fourteen

Note the remote inclusion of the Plone 6 constraints.txt (very important). Also, my working assumption is that I need to apt-get gcc because my addons require compiling of stuff.