The Plone Newsroom - A new monthly podcast on Plone

Let me introduce to you:
The Plone Newsroom - A monthly podcast about what is going on in the world of Plone.

Brought to you by @fredvd and @pbauer

Watch the first episode now!
Topics include PLOG, Faceted Navigation for Volto and Encrypted Jam.

Feedback and suggestions for topics and news are welcome! Either here or use the form on The Plone Newsroom


Quite a pleasant surprise to see the search block featured in this first edition of The Plone Newsroom.

We're still adding features to it, stuff that wasn't in the video are, for example, the "filters list", visible in the screenshot. And there's a ton of "hidden features" in that block... for example it writes into the location bar so you get "shareable URLs" with the filters prefilled and it's supposed to be an extensible framework. It reuses the Listing block's view templates, but it comes with another layer of templates, the "layout", so you can put the facets at the top of the search results, to the left or right, and much more.


@tiberiuichim that's great news. I'm very excited to see that block mature so quickly :clap:

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Hiya guys,

That was very pleasant to listen to and easy to understand!
Well done! I'm looking forward to next month's edition :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback!

Some 'behind the scenes' on how we recorded the podcast. There are some very cool new Saas software tools for podcast/interview recording that make use of service workers in your browser to show both a Zoom/Jitsi/Teams like online video chat, but at the same time record all audio and video locally time coded and send it in chunks asynchronous to their platform.

When the wifi or internet connection is flaky, or evern drops for a while, you can just continue talking and pretend like nothing happens. Then when you finish your recording the highdef files are spooled/synced in the background and server side the individual tracks are stitched together again when all sources are uploaded. And you don't have to understand a thing how it technically works. :slight_smile:

We are now using


I love this! Fun banter, useful news items, demos… It really is just like being with friends again in person :slight_smile:

Philip: you were showing a photo of Positano at one point but didn’t mention it by name. Also, the photo of the Bay of Naples you said was taken from the rooftop was actually taken from the balcony of the restaurant on the fifth floor. The views are spectacular on that side and on the other, looking toward Sorrento (the hotel is actually in Sant’Agnello, a 20 minute walk from Sorrento that goes past many lemon groves, at least one of which has a limoncello stand, so bring your shopping bag or a backpack!).

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Thanks for the praise. My wife said we should consider looking at the camera from time to time :eyes:
Positano is certainly worth a visit, the bus trip there has the best views. And brave souls like @polyester actually can go by scooter.

Great job guys!

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New (10 days old) episode, The Plone Newsroom - Episode 05 - Feature: Page composition tools - YouTube

I think community-produced content should be promoted more, at least in the community forum, if not the New episodes should always be announced.

Maybe we can have a section of the new website frontpage where this type of content (Plone Podcast included) is always displayed?