The Plone CMS Telegram Group for World community

Hello community

I recently had to be using the Telegram messaging network, which I think is great, and I was surprised to see how many community chat groups in Python are available, so I came up with a Telegram group for the global community, which is available to the general community to communicate by this means.

Here the Telegram group link:

All are welcome!!!

My thoughts: for chat, we already have fragmentation between IRC, Gitter, and Slack. Then we have this forum and Stack Overflow. And then there's Twitter. And GitHub. (Personally, I'm already trying to keep track of waaaay too many communication channels.)

Who really needs that? Why yet another new communication channel for a shrinking community?
In particular a communication that can not be properly tracked, referenced which is important for future search etc. when people are looking for help on a related problem...please stop this.


I guess the argument would be to attract another group of Python users to Plone.

For some context about telegram... I joined one of the Python groups on telegram sometime last year. I've found that I participate less than once very 4 months. Strategically it might be good to get the Plone name out there but we may have to accept that it is only for brand awareness and not necessarily to create a new channel for support.

It's fine if someone (not me) is committed and remains committed to spending time in that channel to answer questions or chat etc. But when it comes time for me to send out announcements of events, news, etc. I'm sorry but I have enough channels I need to do that in. And if someone is not in that new channel regularly, it just looks like it's (we are) dead. The LinkedIn group is an example of that.

For me is to have a space on the Telegram network on Plone, there is a growing group of young users of this type of messaging to communicate, not using IRC ... but this type of chat rooms.

My intension goes in the line that indicates @pigeonflight

That's my intention...

But the Python groups chats (Spanish users) in Telegram, there groups are very active and participative because the almost immediate response times thanks to users willing to help ...

@tkimnguyen I understand your point, but now I am evaluating the creation of a broadcast channel in Telegram using a telegram bot to distribute information from social networks or our official channels of communication within the telegram group or channel.

Other thing, are you use Hootsuite tool for the Plone Social networks?

Leonardo, you've done SO MUCH for Plone so obviously you're free to do anything you want. Just remember that in the long term if what you start isn't sustainable, it might be better not to start it. The other thing to consider is: if you get tired or are unwilling to continue doing it, who will take over doing it?

Yes we use HootSuite for Plone, PloneConf, on Twitter, Facebook. Used to be able to connect it to LinkedIn groups but LinkedIn has cut that off this month. Also, the LinkedIn group really is dead and for a long time now has consisted of only our HootSuite-pushed announcements. Last month @sneridagh and I started Instagram accounts for PloneConf and Plone, which in THEORY can be connected to HootSuite but I haven't been able to figure it out so far.

In the new Plone Telegram group this won't be the case because so few of us will be in there, so response times will be horrible. I could be wrong, and I'd like to be proved wrong. Where are people hanging out for chat now? in IRC, Gitter, and Slack. If people want to get good response times, that's where they should go, and even then there are dead times, so I/we have been trying to get everyone to use the forum, where not only is there no expectation of immediate response time (an unreasonable expectation a lot of the time) but there is also a much greater probability of better answers. Add a new medium and it will dilute the audience even further and increase response times for everyone.