The art of silenting unwanted opinions a.k.a. censorship

Continuing the discussion from Forum's policy just a joke?:

Posting personal insults and allegiations in reference to an unrelated post on StackOverflow[1], and then immediately closing the thread, leaving no chance to comment on it, instead pointing to the board's mailbox, to continue to keep things behind the curtains? :smiley: No further questions, your honours.

I wonder who's considered to be "the actors" (note the plural), but as you made clear, you choose to close threads you simply don't like, instead of just muting them in your personal-settings (iirc, Discourse is at least able to do that) and in opponent leave obviously offending ones unmoderated, you very likely just sealed the mouths of many Plonees. No surprise, long-year participants come up with "conspiration-theories"[2], after witnessing for a long the outcomes[3] of the hidden agendas[4].

Happy Resurrection

P.S.: To put a glance of hope in this pessimistic sauce: It's great to see the constructive movements rising more and more, lately!



[3] Some "outcome"-highlights:

  • Drop Plone-4 support, while 5 is still in delta.
  • Introduce superfluous techniques, which lead to an even steeper learningcurve, also for long-time-experienced programmers, coming of other communities/organizations. -> Contradictive towards the attempts to increase the total amount of Plone-devs in the world, and thereby avoiding to let companies/organizations understandably decide against Plone, considering the exorbitant wages resulting of the lack of popularity, in comparison to PHP-based CMS'ses.
  • Do not document, so people have to book courses, costing at least four-digit-dollar-amounts. -> Disclose smart brains of low-income background.
  • Declare non-intrusive-, easy-to-configure-techniques as "not the way to go", that'll be too cheap, of course. -> Disclose small/non-profit projects, using Plone.
  • Disregard massively some of the most valued priciples in the Python-world, f.e.: Keep it simple, keep it modular. -> Confusion at its best.
  • "Loose" large amounts of documentation-legacies during the consolidation-efforts. -> Not encouraging to contribute, understandibly people choose to start their own docs. -> Loss of possible synergies.
  • Pay companies for services of the foundation-members-fees, without giving information why these companies had been chosen. -> Not encouraging to become a paying foundation-member. Same goes for choosen 3rd-party-tools, the foundation silently decided to be used for communication.

[4] Search for "missing PLIPS".