Thank you Plone Conference 2016 sponsors

We are indebted to the following sponsors who have stepped up to support the Plone Digital Experience 2016 Conference (coming next month to a US east coast harbour town near you)!

Your conference hosts,

Gold Sponsors

Venues (training locations)

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

Individual Contributors

  • William and Alana Fennie (Wilana Intercultural Resources)
  • Fulvio Casali
  • DC Python NEW
  • Erico Andrei NEW
  • Brandon Rhodes NEW

Media Partners

My apologies to @fulv for omitting his contribution!! :cold_sweat:

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Thank you Kombinat for your supporting sponsorship! @petschki

As we are coming up on the start of the Plone Conference next week in Boston, we are thankful to the following 12 people and organizations who have so kindly added themselves to the rolls of conference sponsors and contributors.

  • 2 training venues: Zipcar and Hatch Fenway
  • 2 Silver sponsors: the Python Software Foundation and Enfold Systems
  • 6 supporting sponsors: Franco Pellegrini, Tiwaz Ltd, Quaive, Starzel, Syslab, the University of Minnesota Press
  • 3 individual contributors: DC Python, Erico Andrei, and Brandon Rhodes