Thank you for the support during GSoC 2017

Firstly, I greatly appreciate the opportunity that was bestowed upon me by the Plone Foundation to take part in Google Summer of Code. Secondly, I like to thank @datakurre and @pigeonflight for the tremendous amount of support they've given me throughout Google Summer of Code. They're superheroes in my eyes. Once again, I thank you both for the all guidance and wisdom you've passed on. In addition, I thank the Plone community for the number of informative stream line support I've seen on this forum. I for one, without a doubt, know that each candidate appreciates the responsiveness of this forum. On behave of each GSoC student, I thank the community for everything you've done for us.

My final report of GSoC can be found on my blog. It contains instructions on how to view the demo site.

I have learned a lot during GSoC 2017 season and I will continue to strive and learn more as I continue to work on improving Plone’s Theme Editor outside of GSoC. Sadly, I will not be able to do GSoC 2018 since this is my final year at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus. However, I will definitely encourage others to participate in the upcoming GSoC to gain some insight on developing open source projects. Again, I thank my mentors, Asko and David, the Plone Foundation and Google for all the support they’ve given me.