Testing your add-on compatibility with all Plone versions, has never been easier!

Tired of having to wait for a Plone release to ensure that your add-on is working fine with a given Plone version? You just made a fix on a core package that was needed on your add-on and you want to ensure that it also works other machines as well as locally?

That's what you will find here! :wink:

I noticed that I never advertised it properly, hence this post title :tada:, that for quite a few months there has been a new tab on https://jenkins.plone.org named Add-ons.

Just like the pull request jobs, on the jobs you find there, you can test your add-on against Plone buildout.coredev 4.3/5.1/5.2 and since this last week also 5.2 on python 3.6 and 3.7!

You only need to provide the git URL of your add-on and (optionally) a branch.

Your add-on will be included on buildout.coredev and its tests run.

As soon as it finishes, a mail will be sent to you stating the results.

Have fun porting add-ons to newer Plone versions! :smiley:

Automatic testing - in particular in the context of Plone 5.2 and Python 3 - is pointless and not a guarantee for anything.
Everything should be tested manually as well in particular in the context of Python 3. Even a high coverage is only the smaller part of the medal^^

Try to agree with yourself?

Going for some automated testing is still better than having no testing at all. Different kinds of projects, especially in the add-ons ecosystem, come from very different starting points. Providing tooling for them to start helping themselves is a good thing.

You are not forced to use it, for the ones that do want to test their add-ons against a Plone version (specially hot-topic the python 3 migration), being able to know if the tests of an add-on work at all is at least helpful I hope.

Relying on automated tests only for quality assurance is a widely spread in the Plone world (including the Plone core)....seen so many add-ons with all tests passing but breaking after the second or third mouse click after installation.