Testing team meeting

Hi all,

I announced a plone testing team meeting to be held during next week. For anyone interested follow the link:


For the ones in a rush, here's the doodle link:


So far 5 persons showed interest on the meeting, so we will do it when it fits all of us: tomorrow November 2th 2016 at 9PM Berlin time:



  • status update
  • what's our role?
  • tasks organization
  • new test server for nodes
  • robotframework tests
  • more/better mr.roboto checks/integrations
  • isolation problems
  • ZopeTestCase
  • python3 report http://jenkins.plone.org/py3 / jenkins jobs / travis?
  • plone recipe code analysis jobs

On jitsi: https://meet.jit.si/HairyBaboonsSearchSternly