Table column sorting in Plone 5

In Plone 4.3.4, I used a javascript, which I think was sortable.js to be able to sort our tables by columns. We used this for a table in our intranet as well as for a table that lists job openings. Can this be done in Plone 5?

Any JS can be used in Plone 5.
If you are working on a theme, just put your JS in your Diazo. If you are working on an add-on, declare your JS in a bundle (see this example

This is a common pattern and a class to achieve it was available in Plone 4; IIRC, .

@vangheem just told me the other day we have a pattern available to do such thing in Plone 5, but I can't remember the name.

This need to be documented.

There may be a good case for taking some of what is documented in mockup examples and moving to

Anyway, I think this is the pattern you are looking for:

...which is not to be confused with the "sortable" pattern (which is for manual item re-ordering of lists and tables).


I'm back to this again. I put my sortable.js in my Diazo theme. Since I'm trying to make the headers on a table that's part of collection sortable, I thought I needed to modify my tabular_listing template also. I put a new file called the same thing as the original template (listing_tabular) into the "template_overrides" of my product. In the template, I just removed the "nosort" class on the "th" and also changed the table class to = "sortable" as per the instructions on for this javascript. I'm trying to sort the columns on this page: It's not working. Any thoughts?

The tablesorter-pattern was removed for Plone 5.0b4 in since Plone itself does not use it.

Was this moved to a different package that can installed on its own, or just deleted? I have a lot of plone 4 templates with tables using the "listing" class so I'm looking for a Plone 5 solution for them.

Tons of add-ons used it....major compatibility foul.


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The tablesorter was too limited for most cases. We are using in most of our new Plone 5 projects (coming from from JSGrid).


I was able to use this in my Plone 5 site.