Tabbed view for default CT

I created a behavior that gives editors an overview of backreferences to the content thay are viewing, in a separate tab. This uses an IFormFieldProvider with a readonly RichText field. My goal is to enable this behavior on multiple CT's.

Screenshot from 2021-11-30 14-09-44

For custom CT based on a plone.supermodel model.Schema the behavior works as intended. My attempts so far to have this tab show up in any of the default CT from have failed.

Among the failed strategies I have tried are:

The first approach results in no secondary tabs, the second fails because the functions such as view/get_mimetype_icon; in the original view are not available

For now, I settled on setting form.mode(IEditForm, backreferences='display') in my field provider, which at least shows the references in the edit view.

Obviously, this is suboptimal - can any of you provide a suggestion? I would like to avoid creating separate views or recrerating the CT's.

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