Tabbed interface for user profile edit screen in volto

I want to group the fields in the user profile under tabs like this:

Would appreciate a few pointers.

So far we've done some customising of the user profile (userschema.xml in the backend).

BTW, with some help from @tiberiuichim we now have support for repeatable field values (stored as a zope schema list): see a dicussion about this: Customizing the user profile edit view: adding repeatable fields to member fields and the personal-information view

I have a live prototype of the tabbed interface concept available so people can see what we're aiming at.

In a form schema, the fieldsets are rendered as tabs. So the "trick" would be to define several fieldsets and assign fields to those fieldsets. I don't know if that's possible with the userschema.xml, but I would expect that it is.

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