Surviving metal tags

Bug or feature?

A plain <metal metal:...> will be rendered in the output (survives to the browser), while a <metal:something metal:....> not.

it's a xml element, why should this not survive? i think the namespace makes the difference. without a namespace, every valid tag should be rendered.


From an XML point of view you're complete right. OTHO HTML 5 is not XML conform and XHTML is dead, right?
Following the XML logic, plain tal tags should also be rendered? They do not exist in the default ns, tal is just a prefix. But plain tal gets eliminated.

Overall this is just not consistent. I do no write often <metal:..., but if this trap got me again.

Now IMO, either Chameleon should eliminate both plain wrong used tags or none of them.

Ranting here, but is this worth opening an issue?