Supervisor: FATAL Exited too quickly (process log may have details)

I am currently using supervisor to start and stop my zeo servers. One of my processes has come back as FATAL.


command=/var/plone/sharedservices/zeocluster/bin/zeoserver fg

command=/var/plone/training/zeocluster/bin/zeoserver fg

Supervisor status:

sharedservices_zeoserver FATAL Exited too quickly (process log may have details)
training_zeoserver RUNNING pid 5073, uptime 0:01:45

I have stopped and started Supervisor. Doing so, sometimes I see BACKOFF but then it reverts back to FATAL. How can I get back my sharedservices_zeoserver to behave normally? Any advise would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Did you check the related logs of the zeo server?

most of the time this is due to lacking permissions on var/filestorage/Data.fs or var/blobstorage for the running zope/zeoserver prozess.
do these files/directories belong to the plone user?

as andreas suggests, check var/log/sharedservices_zeo.log or start the server in foreground mode:

bin/zeoserver fg

Andreas, the log files basically said that I was restarting too frequently and then it would quit.

Harald, it was a permissions issue! Duh, on my part!!! I do feel like an idiot at the moment. I recently had my data restored by a server admin and I thought I had checked to see that the permissions were to the "plone" user. Apparently, I did not look closely enough. Once I got the Data.fs and blobstorage folder changed back to the "plone" user, everything is back to normal.

Thanks so much to the both of you!!! :slight_smile:

General rule: try to run service in foreground if they won't come for Zope/Plone services but also stuff like Nginx, Varnish, Apache2, HAproxy...