Summer of Code 2016

I agree 100% here, even if its not my domain.

Unfortunately its currently quiet around the UI/UX team. I have no idea if it meets and what they do. At least there are no meeting minutes reported - I'd really wish all teams to shout out what they do on a regular basis.

The framework team is happy to review more PLIPs and implemenations around better UX.


Yes, for various reasons there has not been official activity in the UI team. Looking into redressing this.

I like this one a lot.

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+1, especially if there were some common goals around things like:

  1. Not lossy: JSON preserves metadata defined in content schema, with standard serialization for common types.
  2. Graceful with files: store "primary field" binary contents (e.g. image, file) in native format, with JSON side-car file for metadata.
  3. Graceful with folderish content: keep metadata about folderish content inside a file within the folder (e.g. _index.json).
  4. Pluggable: add-on authors should be able to write a custom ContentJSON adapter, analogous to the way a JavaScript object can implement a toJSON() method.
  5. Might be nice if it works with DAV. Upload a bunch of folders and files, and "it just works" for lossless restore would be a noble goal (though DAV bits in Zope2/Plone would require some changes to handle #2/#3).

This project seems like it is the right size for a GSoC project, too. And many of these things seem approachable (excepting #5) with a well-mentored new developer.


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@jensens the UX team doesn't really solve the problem because not many in the UX team codes. I include myself here because I hardly get time to running my business.

PLIPs also don't really solve the problem for the same reason. A PLIP with no one implementing it goes nowhere even if the idea passes the FWT (which ideas without implementation don't seem to anyway).

One way to redress the balance of UX focused work vs framework work is to give emphasis to UX related projects in the summer of code.

[quote="djay, post:14, topic:1537"]
built in import/export of content. As in a user with permission to a subtree can get a zip of that content, download it, and upload it to a new site.
[/quote] This sounds interesting, Can you explain me this a bit more ?

[quote="zopyx, post:2, topic:1537"]
Better integration of Elasticsearch with Plone.
[/quote] So we can proceed the work that has been done till now in collective.elasticsearch and Can you explain me few of the current implementations and future expectations of implementing this feature ?

[quote="thet, post:10, topic:1537"]
Working on plone.login
[/quote] Can You explain what type of work is required for plone.login ?

[quote="gforcada, post:16, topic:1537"]
Remove and merge metadata columns and indexes:
[/quote] Great, Do you think that will be a good enough piece of work for summer ? is more mature. is my project. It was more ambitious originally but has toned down the implementation a bit so it is an okay project to start looking at now. It needs more work to be polished yet. But it works.

defiantly a good idea

@seanupton I've tried to capture these ideas and others into a single UX ticket.
I personally think it work better to have a zip with all the files and dirs in but keep all the metadata in a single csv where simple fields are in CSV format, and anything more complex is embedded json. This makes it possible for non technical people to make some simple modifications to the for bulk updates, such as search and replace all the titles.

Yeah, Themes on current design patterns like material design, flat, minimal, with background video and full screen menu etc are rare to find for Plone. It would be nice to have some new themes.

Hi, most probably not enough, but putting that together with some other catalog related ideas it could be a good size I guess.

Something like:

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I'm interested in mentoring this year. I can support theming or the import/export project.
I'd also like to see icon-expr supported in the control panel as part of some GSOC project.

I have a bunch of students who know Python (Flask), CSS, HTML and JS. Would @djay or @MatthewWilkes or someone else be willing to schedule a 15 minute hangout to give them a feel for newbie friendly projects?

I'd love to see something like this for GSOC

Extending Plone API

Add the following capabilities to the Plone API:

  • Manage Portlets (assignments, hide/show, add, remove, move portlets up and down in a portlet manager)
  • Reorder items in folders
  • Maybe one other feature to extend the api.

I'd also like to see icon_expr supported again in GenericSetup for Plone 5 for controlpanel.xml but that might be too small a task.

Hello everyone!! I will like to work on porting PFG from archetype to dexterity. @MatthewWilkes, @tisto, @SteveM can we start discussing on how we can proceed with this project ?

Hi, thanks for suggestion. But I think converting PFG from archtype to dexterity will be a good piece of work too and I am interested in that too so I am looking forward for that though. Any suggestions on that from your side are always welcome :slight_smile:


there's already available a form generator wrote using Dexterity: collective.easyform