Suggestions for creating a porlet with scrolling text

Hi, I have a client that wants to showcase the testimonials his services are receiving.

I am using the Slideshow portlet so I created an image file for each testimonial and use these. This is functional, but not attractive as you can see it is an image and not text. Also, laborious to create each testimonial and a few other issues.

Is there a better way? Thanks.

Use CSS animations like

if you have an url, it would be easier to understand.

There are plenty of ways to do what you want, first I need to know if you mean scrolling (as at the end of a movie, or sliding (as slideshow portlet probably does).

If you use diazo, you could replace for example a placeholder portlet ( I made for use cases like this)

... with for example a folder with the content you want there, and then a browser view (or themingfragments (?)), something like:

(skip the 'image part and just keep the text (if you also need the 'body text, it will be a line like:
< p tal:replace='structure context/text/output" />, if I remember right.

Another option could be to just use a slideshow (collective.plonetruegallery (?)) and move it with diazo.
You should be able to find a gallery that suits you, or you can just use a blank image and keep title and description

@zopyx and @espenmn thanks for the great ideas. especially, espernmn there was a lot of thought in your answer.

the url is:

the top r/h portlet is the first attempt using slideshow. functional but not attractive. Would be better if/when i match the background color.

  1. of the two ideas,I tried the css animation first (looked fastest).
    I used an embedded portlet and pasted the code from the link you gave. the text appears; however, no scrolling. so I created a simple webpage with the content and the scrolling worked as expected.
    so the css markup used does not appear to work in this portlet. Is there a way to fix that?

  2. Now I will try the second approach and get back. this would be useful portlet for plone

Note: I looked in the plone html filtering and can't find an obvious reason for the filtering to impact this. As a test, I turned off html filtering and there was no effect.
thanks - wayne