Suggestion for a tool to help me with creating my first Plone product

Hello. I'm going to try creating my first custom product (Plone 6 Classic) and I have some questions.

First, What I've done do far:

  1. created Dex product TTW
  2. found this excellent guide: 18. Dexterity II: Talks – Mastering Plone 6 Development — Plone Training 2022 documentation
  3. I've downloaded the Dex product

I need to make changes to the xml model.

is there a good tool that helps with modifying the xml file - one that specifically helps with Plone (I remember years ago there was a tool that helped with creating products via archtypes)
I know about Notepad + and a few others, i wanted to know if there was something you pros use


Any XML editor or editor with XML support will do.
Unfortunately, there are no DTDs or XSDs for GenericSetup profiles.

@zopyx thanks.

These days Visual Studio Code is an excellent choice to edit all kind of text based data formats and code.

If you want to start files system based development for the Plone backend, have a look at PloneCLI.