Steering Circle Meeting Minutes, 2022-02-16

General Updates

Team leaders are requested to update their team pages.

Some team leaders had to cancel last minute, so we are missing their reports.

Zope - Michael

Testing Zope dependencies on Python 3.11: Slow progress, as extensions with C code require changes.
We had a pull request on Zope codebase, from a developer that refused to sign the contributor agreement -- forcing us to re-implement the PR.
A quick discussion about the Contributor Agreement followed: We need to improve the process (maybe digital signature)
Sprints: Gocept will host a one-day sprint on April 13th

Membership Team - Victor

Evaluating the first batch of candidates, with a Board recommendation coming this week.
Already have second a batch, but we are looking for more candidates.
Also, we need to improve the reasoning to get people to nominate themselves.

AI Team - Fred

Fixed the recent issue with Jenkins.
Need to fix mail settings for Foundation domains

Marketing - Rikupekka

Next sprint: February 18th, 19th
World Plone Day: End of April, talk submissions, 24h streaming marathon, pre-recorded, live presentations

  • Content does not need to be so well prepared
  • Could be informal, related to Plone / Zope
  • Success Stories
  • Technical

Framework Team - Alessandro

Not much happened, 1 new PLIP in the work (
Cleanup of PLIP Board
Soon we will have PLIPS about ES6, thanks to Hannes and Maik: Webpack module federation (To be merged intoPlone 6, alpha 4)

GSOC - Eric

We are supposed to finalize the application next week, still analysing the current ideas.
We need mentors

Internatonalization - Mikel

Opened a topic in about moving from .po files to a web-based tool, but no traction: Leave the translation story as it is.
Make a call for translators for Plone 6

  • Volto: Only 4 languages over 90%
  • Classic UI: No change since 5.2

Improve documentation explaining how to contribute.

Release - Maurits

Eric Steele is leading a Plone 6 planning meeting every 2 weeks
Plone 6.0.0a4: End of month

Security - Maurits

One release update 5.2.6
Team has one new member, focusing on Javascript.

Volto - Victor

Question from the community: Will Plone6/Volto ship with a layout/columns solution out of the box?

It's on the radar, but not pushing for that, same for teasers, and the form block and content rules.

Plone 6 Board

Volto 15: Small release, already on Alpha 4. Easy to upgrade from 14 to 15.
Volto 16: Slate will be on it. EEA will move the volto-slate repo to the Plone organization on Github.
Documentation: Adapting the documentation to myst, soon will redirect to

Conference - T. Kim

Started the conference planning
We have a tentative agreement for SFU ago provide LoudSwarm if we need it in exchange for sponsorship in kind.
We have dates set up: Week of Oct 10th - Namur


  • Katja suggest we need to add link for demo sites

  • Next meeting in 2 months, a Doodle will be sent to the Steering Circle to decide on the best date.

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