Steering Circle Meeting Minutes, 2021-10-29

  • Announcements
    • Make sure your team pages are up to date on
  • Team reports (ask if anyone needs to leave early)
    • Volto / Plone 6 - Timo - Volto 14a20. Being used in prod. Final release soonish, 15 in the plan. plone.volto integration package has been created. Volto and plone.volto being worked on in Sorrento. Erico worked on Docker for the training
    • Restapi - Timo - stable, getting regular releases
    • Release - Eric/Maurits - Plone 6 alpha 1 is out! Open space later on upcoming release schedule. Still some more pieces to fit in to Plone 6 to get everything working towards the final version. Eric sent an email for some coordination, like docs, training, accessibility, installers. If you want to be involved, let him know.
    • Framework - Eric - Franco stepped down (thanks for your work!), during the conference looking for new people to join. Discussion to happen with Timo about role of the FWT.
    • Membership - Erico - Finding new people in Sorrento that will submit nominations. Erico stepping down, Victor will take over
    • Security - Maurits - maintenance schedule changing, 5 years of security support, need to document the schedule and which versions of Python are supported. Coordinating with Zope security team. Possible new members for the team
    • Marketing - Rikupekka - Helping with organizing the conference, will continue promoting content from conference. renewal, open space discussion for it today.
    • Installers - Jens - Had a talk about the installers at the conference. Plone 6 will not have an installer, but will use tooling like pip, npm, Docker. Reduce use of buildout. Making good progress in Sorrento
    • Plone Conference - Me - we’re here! We will have a couple of follow up tasks to post the videos on YouTube (trainings now, talks in a month), and there was also discussion of sending certifications to people that completed the trainings
    • Zope - Michael - n/a Maurits - Zope 4/5 are stable. No plans for Zope 6. Working to adjust their schedule with Plone
    • Internationalization i18n - Mikel - new branches for Plone 6. New release for Plone 6a. Updating .po files. Working with changes in Mockup. Will post details from open space on
    • Admin & Infrastructure - Fred - servers are still running. Cat herding sysadmins. Containerizing
    • Training - Philip - relaunch of is complete. Migrated to MyST, new contibuting section and theme. Three new trainings, and plenty others updates. Lots of todos, adding new trainings to landing page. Update outdated trainings, or remove/prune. Remove 5 in url. Re-add old Mastering Plone 4 training. Need a migration training, ZCA training. Display some sort of status for each training, make it clear how old/outdated something is.
    • Plone Classic - Peter - Barceloneta is mostly ready. working on bobtemplates and optimizations for theming based on Barceloneta to keep it easy. Biggest part is JS stuff. Johannes reported that plan is to finish Mockup ES6 migration, it’s almost done. Tests need to be fixed, need help. Open space for that today
    • Documentation - Sven - whole new setup for building docs is ready. New way for doing screenshots. Avoiding duplicate content with training docs, so can fetch bits from Tests check against style guide. Missing docs for Plone 6. There are three different branches: classicUI, backend6, voltofrontend.
    • Any other things to report?
      • new community broadcasting team
      • Philip schedule open space to talk about todos for trainings (slot N)
  • Questions sent in
    • Has the Volto team looked at the performance score of Volto sites on
      • Jens: catalog is sometimes slow, needs to be fixed so that queries aren’t as slow
      • Timo: fixing performance is possible with proper tweaking. For demo sites, no optimization was done. We can optimize those. More of a documentation issue than a core issue. Installers story can handle this. Can set up performance test in GitHub actions.
        Victor: Performance test does not take SSR into account.
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