Steering Circle Meeting Minutes, 2020-04-20


  • Chrissy made a Slack channel for the steering circle
  • If you are invited attendance is not mandatory but we'd like to have
    representation from each team, so share the invitation
  • WPD is April 28, next week, Erico gave a brief description
    Still looking for talks, especially in other languages
    Want to fill Plone's Youtube channel for 24 hours with diversity of content
    We are using Streamyard, simple for participants, provides branding features
    Prefer to have prerecorded videos done in Streamyard, but not required
    Each presentation will need its own Streamyard URL - request on
    talk submission form: Contact information
    or ask Erico if already submitted
    Should be possible to edit out flubs if required
  • The marketing team is creating a canonical Plone 6 presentation (10-15 slides)
    which will be translated into a variety of languages - encouraging short
    presentations on this in all the languages - goal is to tell the world
    about Plone 6 in a unified voice

Team Reports

Release team - Maurits and Eric

  • Maurits 5.2.4 released in March, 5.2.5 planned in May
  • Maurits has not done much Plone 6 work yet, but soonish will start releasing
    important bits like Classic theme
  • Eric is getting back into the swing of things, will make progress towards
    alpha in next few weeks
  • Something about Volto is the biggest hurdle ATM

Framework team - Eric

  • Has not met for a few months, not sure why, Eric will nudge them to meet

Membership team - Erico

  • Working on getting new Foundation members signed up, anyone involved in the
    community, don't need to be developers
  • Erico asks everyone's help asking people who are not yet members

Security team - Maurits

  • Have gotten a bunch of recent reports, nothing serious, some duplicates
  • Alexander L. says there are some add-ons that need attention wrt security
    Kim suggested to inform Victor

Marketing team - Rikupekka

  • We've had 2 mini-sprints (content, styling) since last steering
    circle meeting
  • Also have been planning WPD
  • Will continue with mini-sprints
  • Will publicize roadmap to community soon (after WPD)

Volto team - Victor

  • Next major release (13) introducing "seamless mode" a new way of working,
    this will be a breaking release - in the next week or so
  • Working on working copy support, bring it to folderish content types
  • Also working on slots (portlet and viewlet replacement)
  • Lots of exciting work is going on, and improving Plone on the way
  • Next micro-sprint is Thursday, they have been doing this regularly,
    spend a few hours of Volto hacking on a specific item and get it done

Installers team - Jens Klein

  • Current installer almost works (a few Debian problems)
  • For Plone 6 need more details how to wire things together
  • Will sprint on P6 installer, have some plans

Zope team - Michael Howitz

  • In active maintenance mode, not planning new features
  • Sprinting Friday, Paul Everit is attending to share news

Internationalization team - Mikel Larreategi

  • New team lead, just getting up to speed
  • Will be working on translations for Plone 6, esp Volto
  • Thank you to the new team lead!

Admin & Infrastructure team - Erico

  • Absorbing the testing team, Sven is helping document
  • Have a Github branch reorg in the works, which will be a big deal
  • Got domains and setting up Plone 6 demos, Classic and Volto
    Kim N suggests cross-linking those 2 sites
  • Discussion of some tech problems with starting the demo sites

Guillotina team

  • Victor reports Ramon became a father last week!

Training team - Philip

  • Katja has been working on finishing updates to Plone 6 training
  • Including add-on component architecture
  • Doing sneak preview of Mastering Plone 6 training for WPD

Sponsorships team - Kim for Fulvio

  • Fulvio was unable to attend
  • Provider info got moved to and Fulvio is handing money stuff

Conference team - Chrissy

  • No recent meetings
  • Working on Loudswarm contract, so online will happen
  • Decide in June if we can have an in person conference...

Classic team - Peter Holzer

  • Updating content type views
  • Lots of details to take care of, down to the last 10%
  • Need more people to try it out and report bugs
  • Coredev buildout has everything merged except latest content type fixes
  • Continuing to sprint every Wednesday
  • Philip reports good performance improvements

Documentation team - Sven

  • Sven has been working on the look and feel of the new documentation site,
    also content structure
  • New site uses markdown
  • Sven and Erico will meet Friday and make decisions
  • After they approve the plan will be good to go
  • Will begin transferring docs over, starting with Volto and then will add
    Classic and core stuff

RestAPI team

  • Next release includes the ResolveUID functionality for Volto blocks
    (was included in Plone 5.2 and 6)
  • Also the working copy work
  • Currently at version 7.3.2, is stable and they do frequent releases

Upcoming Sprints

  • Zope sprints in April and July
  • Volto micro-sprint Thursday

Thank you to Sally for taking the minutes!


Kudos guys for the excellent work you are doing.
I asked for a FWT meeting, I hope it will happen next week.
Do you have any topics that you would like to be discussed?